Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Unlikely Autobiography of Prince’s ‘Under the Cherry Moon’ and ‘Graffiti Bridge’

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I don't use this blog much anymore, if that wasn't obvious, but I keep meaning to perma-post links to my published bylines and will do that soon. In the meantime, though, I am excited to share a link to a piece I had posted at Musings on Prince's neglected films Under the Cherry Moon and Graffiti Bridge, both of which are goofy, indulgent, but also revealing of aspects of Prince's personality and artistry. Now more than ever, they are crucial pieces to his puzzle. You may read my full article here:

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  1. Under the Cherry Moon was perfectly Prince and the best way for me to celebrate Prince's untimely passing. The movie is campy and silly and very late 80's early 90's Art Deco style. The plot is less than perfect and sometimes over the top but it's hard not to fall for the characters. As expected Prince is pure seduction in this film. Would recommend.