Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bitter Moon

My review for Roman Polanski's seldom-discussed but masterful shaggy dog story, Bitter Moon, is now live at Cinelogue. A foray deep into Polanski's sexual proclivities, Bitter Moon is equal parts Audition and Certified Copy, a film that explores the games couples play with each other but also the extremes of sexual lust and submission. Featuring a hilariously typecast Hugh Grant and Kristin Scott Thomas as a quintessentially British couple looking to spice up their sagging relationship, Bitter Moon gives them more than they wished for in the form of Oscar and Mimi (inspired performances by Peter Coyote and Polanski's wife Emmanuelle Seigner), and soon we plunge deep into twisted reminiscences of bondage, S&M and cruelty. Like the best Polanski films, it is both playful and uncompromising, slapstick and nihilistic.

So, please read my review of this challenging, vexing yet transfixing film over at Cinelogue.

Note: This was originally intended to be a contribution to Tom Hyland's Roman Polanski blogathon. Sadly, school got in the way and I did not even begin to write this piece until after it had concluded. Contributions to this blogathon can be viewed here.

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