Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Strange Case of Angelica (Manoel de Oliveira, 2010)

[Note: I am considering this film for 2011 year-end lists as it got no major U.S. release until this year.]

My review for Portuguese master Manoel de Oliveira's latest feature, The Strange Case of Angelica, is up now at Cinelogue. A film about cinema so encompassing as to suggest its position as a swan song (never fear, the 102-year-old has two films slated to come out next year), Angelica is nevertheless too spry, playful and deliberately withholding and contradictory to even hint that the director is spent. Despite de Oliveira's static, half-theatrical/half-painterly composition and detachment and conflict of mood, I found this an absorbing work that made me tackle its unclear message and tone with enthusiasm, not frustration. Few films I've seen this year can top it.

So head over to Cinelogue now and check out my review. Comments appreciated.

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  1. Que gusto tiene de Oliveira por la fotografía y el sonido. Interesante director de cine.