Friday, January 11, 2013

The Baytown Outlaws (Barry Battles, 2012)

I have no sensitivity to seeing the South depicted as a caricature, but the caricature in The Baytown Outlaws is so thin I kept wishing Billy Bob Thornton's drug lord would break character so the actor (also the scribe of several great films set in and tied to the South, most notably One False Move) could go behind the camera, do extensive rewrites, and start from the top. But then, who could be mad a film for failing to capture its milieu when it so quickly moves into a Road Warrior-esque travesty? Better to attack that plot development for its poor direction, lifeless action and insipid humor. Baytown slipped quietly through some festivals for a modest limited release, and it will be forgotten as quickly as it passed under everyone's radar.

My full review is up now at Spectrum Culture.


  1. Yeah not PC so is hated by probably all liberals and movie critic's, however the American people with a sense of humor and especially southerners love this movie and are hoping for a sequel.

    Bio- 1/2 American Indian, born in the south with a masters in Astronautical Engineering.... I'm sure I don't fit your southern stereotype ; )

    1. Yes, its nonexistent box office is a testament to its impact among the American people and their dreams to see this epic saga continue.