Friday, March 1, 2013

Oeuvre: De Palma: Body Double

Body Double is one of my favorite films, so I jumped at the chance to write about it for Spectrum Culture's running feature reviewing all of Brian De Palma's films. (I highly recommend reading all of the other pieces, by the way; a lot of great stuff from some terrific writers.) I've written about the film before and make some of the same observations, but I continue to be struck by its sense of anarchy, its nihilistic rejection of the same studio system to which De Palma pays so much tribute. As I argue in my article, it is the quintessential De Palma film, pitched perfectly between Godardian satire and Hollywood gloss, as much the target of its own commentary as the vehicle for scathing condemnation of everything around it. A masterpiece.

My full piece is up now at Spectrum Culture.

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