Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pietà (Kim Ki-duk, 2013)

I have yet to see another Kim Ki-duk film, but judging by his 18th feature, Pietà, I have no desire to catch up with any of the other 17. An artless, offensive bore that has the audacity to think itself a (no, the) truth-teller in a dishonest world, Pietà is the worst film I have seen since Transformers 2. It is so petulant and emptily provocative that I almost feel the urge to write an apology to Lars von Trier, who at least has the decency to make his own snotty torture sessions artistically inventive. By the end, I felt myself rooting for the worst aspects of capitalism; the enemy of my enemy, after all...

My full thoughts are up now at Spectrum Culture.

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