Thursday, February 24, 2011

Announcement: Cinelogue Contributing

Good news everyone! I have been invited to be a contributing writer to an upstart online publication called Cinelogue. Begun last April, Cinelogue already has a crop of excellent writers, and I'm thrilled to have the chance to write with others. More importantly, I at last have an editor. Be still my beating heart. Let us all observe a moment of silence for the poor soul (or souls, as this may be a group effort) left to organize my ramblings. They've asked me for contributions, but don't let that dissuade you: it really is a quality site.

The editor, Mark Mesaros, was kind of enough to say I could cross-post anything I wrote for the site here, but I'd prefer simply to link to their site. Without wishing to seem presumptuous, I'd like to send traffic their way if at all possible. I will still post exclusive content here routinely, and I hope to be back up to my normal production levels soon. My first post is -- oh for the love of God, yet another piece on The Social Network, that little-known film that obviously needs my constant critical support. This time, the focus is on Fincher's development of key themes through mise-en-scène, from the use of the Old North Church in the idea of creation myths to the use of Harvard buildings to illustrate clashing modernity and tradition. I had been working on the piece for about a month, looking into some of the landmarks used and, frankly, getting distracted by other things. But I'm glad to finish it and thrilled to see it on a proper website, and I'll have more content for them soon.

So thanks again to everyone at Cinelogue, and I can't wait to start contributing in full.

(I'd also like to thank Carson Lund of Are the Hills Going to March Off? for recommending me to Mark. I've been a fan of Carson's for a while and I deeply appreciate the vote of confidence.)

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